Additives & Building Chemicals

Additives: Products either fluid or powder that can be added to building materials for example mortar or cement dye to change ordinary motar to a required colour.

Building Chemicals: Products either fluid or powder for a variety of uses on all manner of building projects.

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  •  Cement Dye - Buff (powdered)
    Bond it CEMENT COLOUR powder is a permanent, durable and easily dispersed powder dye produced with the use of high quality oxide pigments. Many shades of colour can be achieved by adjusting the quantity of dye.  USES:  For permanently colouring cement, mortar, concrete and renderings.  DIRECTIONS: Add Bond It CEMENT COLOUR to the dry cement, sand, aggregate etc, blend thouroughly into all materials. The qu..
    £5.70 Ex Tax: £4.75
  • 300ml Carplan Deicer Blue Star De-icer Aerosol SDI311
    300ml cans. A fast acting de-icer, formulated to effectively defrost windscreens, for safe winter driving. Operates down to -15-C. ..
    £1.95 Ex Tax: £1.63
  • 5Ltr Screenwash
    Triple QX Concentrated All Season Screenwash cleans all types of dirt, grim, tar and sap from your windows, leaving a spotless, and streak clear finish. The concentrated formula allows you to get up to 20litres from a single bottle, meaning excellent value for money! ..
    £4.20 Ex Tax: £3.50
  • Anchor Bond Rapid Set Chemical Anchoring System
    Single Action Application, High Strength Formulation, Fixes Solid and Hollow Base Materials, Chemical, Water and Vibration Resistant. ..
    £6.60 Ex Tax: £5.50
  • Brick Acid High Strength
    High strength brick acid that removes cement and mortar splashes and general grime. For cleaning brickwork, garages, paving, concrete floors and warehouses. ..
    £9.24 Ex Tax: £7.70
  • Brick and patio cleaner
    Brick and patio cleaner removes cement and mortar splashes, grime ,oil, grease, and other difficult to remove stains. for cleaning brickwork, patios, garages, paving, concrete floors and warehouses. ..
    £12.90 Ex Tax: £10.75
  • Cement Dye black (powdered)
    A range of easy-to-use, chloride-free permanent cement colourants. Can be used to pigment cement , mortar, concrete and renderings. Conforms to BS1014. ..
    £5.70 Ex Tax: £4.75
  • Cement Dye red (powdered)
    A range of easy-to-use, chloride-free permanant cement colourants. can be used to pigment cement, mortar, concrete and renderings. Conforms to BS1014 ..
    £5.70 Ex Tax: £4.75
  • Concentrated Accelerator
    ​Concentrated Accelerator is a highly concentrated admixture to accelerate the setting time of cement based mortar, concrete, screeding and render. Also provides frost protection in wet mortar during the setting period even in sub-zero temperatures. ..
    £10.74 Ex Tax: £8.95