Cement Dye - Buff (powdered)

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Bond it CEMENT COLOUR powder is a permanent, durable and easily dispersed powder dye produced with the use of high quality oxide pigments. Many shades of colour can be achieved by adjusting the quantity of dye. 

USES:  For permanently colouring cement, mortar, concrete and renderings. 

DIRECTIONS: Add Bond It CEMENT COLOUR to the dry cement, sand, aggregate etc, blend thouroughly into all materials. The quantity added to 50kg of cement is dependent on the shade required but must not exceed 5kg. Ensure consistency from one batch to another by weighing proportions of inital batch. Add water as normal. 

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Low hazard product that is safe for normal use. Wear safety glasses, wash powder off skin with soap and water. If product enters eyes wash immediately with plenty of water. Keep out of reach of children. Don not take internally. Some people are more sensitive to chemical products than others, if irritation occurs discontinue use. Safety datasheet available for professional user on request.

STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: Store in cool, dry conditions. Use within 5 years of purchase. 

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