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A variety of bricks and blocks for all your building needs

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  • 300mm Trench Blocks
    Blocks are commonly used in a range of thicknesses for use below ground level. Offering beneficial thermal performance,  ..
    £4.25 Ex Tax: £3.54
  • Blue engineering brick class B 65mm
    ​Blue engineering brick class B 65mm These bricks are smooth perforated 65mm, they have an amazing durability and a re able to withstand even the british weather. The class B engineering brick is desinged to ensure that will not deteiorate and will outlast any facing brick on the market. These blue engineering bricks have the same properties as the red engineering brick.   ..
    £0.70 Ex Tax: £0.58
  • Blue Solid Bricks
    Wirecut  Water absorption 7% Colour can vary Low salt content - S2 Suitable for severe exposure - F2 ..
    £1.00 Ex Tax: £0.83
  • Carlton Weathered - Facing Brick
    Type: Facing Brick Colour: Red Multi Pack Qty: 350 Texture: Smooth Supplier: CarltonDims: L:215mm x W:102mm x H:73mm Durability: F2 Active Soluable Salts: S2 Compressive Strength: 62 Water Absorbtion: 10 Size Tolerance: T2   ..
    £1.00 Ex Tax: £0.83
  • Concrete Commons (Bricks)
    This concrete common brick is suitable for use in construction above and below dpc level, and can bear weight up to 21 N/mm².   ..
    £0.35 Ex Tax: £0.29
  • Concrete solid blocks 100mm
    ​Solid concrete blocks 100mm Suitable for a wide range of applications. Good thermal mass. Ideal for high strength load bearing walls. High levels of fire resistence and sound insulation. ..
    £1.00 Ex Tax: £0.83
  • Dorking Red Off Shade Bricks
    Dorking Red Bricks   500 in a pack ..
    £0.50 Ex Tax: £0.42
  • Engineering Bricks red 73mm
    Engineering Brick Class B Red Perforated Brick 73mm.     ..
    £0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71
  • Ingle Red Off-Shades
    Wienerberger Ingle Red brick Selected for its high quality aesthetic appearance Conforms to BS and EU Standards Durability meets F2 rating for severe exposure Low Salt Content – S2 ..
    £0.70 Ex Tax: £0.58