A range of plasterboards including moisture, sound and fire check. multi finish board finish and bonding coat everything for all your plastering needs including a variety of different size trowels.

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  • 63mm x 2.8mm Galv Ann Ring Collated Nail Box
    Gas Gun Nails. Pack Quantity - 3300. ..
    £39.00 Ex Tax: £32.50
  • 8x4 12.5mm Firecheck Plasterboard
    ​Firecheck Plasterboards A board that provides superior fire resistents. The board is composed of aerated calcium sulphate di-hydrate with fillers and fibres enclosed in tough paper with bound edges. Core and paper bonded with starch and edging glue is PVA. All boards will need primming before decorating.     ..
    £9.95 Ex Tax: £8.29
  • 8x4 12.5mm Moisture Plasterboard
    ​Moisture Resistant Plasterboard 8x4 12.5mm Ideal use in kitchens and bathrooms. High performance internal plasterboard for use in areas where there is high humidity and temporary external exposure.                   ..
    £12.45 Ex Tax: £10.38
  • 8x4 12.5mm Sound Plasterboard
    Sound Resistant Plasterboard Acoustic plasterboards are resistant to sound due to the extra weight and heavier make up of board. Designed for use on walls and ceilings where higher levels of sound insulation is required. Sound resistant plasterboards are often used as part of a full partitioning system along with other types of insulation. ..
    £10.95 Ex Tax: £9.13
  • 8x4 15mm Firecheck Platerboards
    This ever popular size board is perfect for your DIY, new build, self-build or refurbishment, dependent on your needs when you need fire protection. Once taping and jointing has been completed, this board offers the perfect surface for decoration. If you need any further information or guidance on these products, speak to a member of our team by calling 01902 500140. The board(s) you receive will be of premium quality. ..
    £10.32 Ex Tax: £8.60
  • 90mm x 3.1mm Galv Smooth Collated Nail Box
    Gas Gun Nails. Pack Quantity - 2200. ..
    £39.00 Ex Tax: £32.50
  • Board Beads 2.4m
    Board Beads for use with plastering boards ..
    £0.90 Ex Tax: £0.75
  • Board Beads 3m
    Boards for use with plastering boards ..
    £1.40 Ex Tax: £1.17
  • Board Finish
     Board Finish is a gypsum finish plaster for use on low- suction backgrounds. It provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal walls and ceilings. ..
    £5.95 Ex Tax: £4.96