A range of plasterboards including moisture, sound and fire check. multi finish board finish and bonding coat everything for all your plastering needs including a variety of different size trowels.

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  • Fill and Finish
    Jointing plaster compound  Easy to sand Over paintable in 24 hours Shrinkand crack resistant Works superbly with all substances. ..
    £13.15 Ex Tax: £10.96
  • Hip Iron
    Manufactured from 3mm thick mild steel and galvanised after manufacture. Available in sizes: 300mm ..
    £3.15 Ex Tax: £2.63
  • Multi finish
    Multi-Finish is a gypsum finish plaster for use on a wide range of backgrounds it provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal walls and ceilings, and a durable base for the application of decorative finishes. ..
    £6.65 Ex Tax: £5.54
  • NailGun Nails (inc. Gas) - 63 Angular
    63mm x 2.8mm Galv Ann Ring Collated Nail Box  Gas Gun Nails. Pack Quantity - 3300. ..
    £39.00 Ex Tax: £32.50
  • NailGun Nails (inc. Gas) 90mm x 3.1mm
    90mm x 3.1mm Galv Smooth Collated Nail Box Gas Gun Nails. Pack Quantity - 2200. ..
    £39.00 Ex Tax: £32.50
  • Plasterboard 6x3 12.5 mm (900x1800)
    Std Plasterboards  ..
    £5.15 Ex Tax: £4.29
  • Plasterboard 6x3 9.5mm
    Drywall (also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum panel, or gypsum board) is a panel made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) with or without additives and normally pressed between a facer and a backer. It is used to make interior walls and ceilings. ..
    £5.15 Ex Tax: £4.29
  • plasterboard 8x4 @ 9.5mm
    This Standard Plasterboard 9.5mm thick . This Plasterboard is a thinner board that is ideal for DIY projects or residential work where sound or damp proofing is not important.  ..
    £7.15 Ex Tax: £5.96
  • Plasterboard 8x4 @12.5mm (1200x2400)
    ​8x4 12.5mm Plasterboard   These plasterboards are simple, lightweight and cost effective. Standards compiled with BS EN 520 Type A (formley known as BS1230 Type 1). Composition is arerated calcium sulphate di-hydrate enclosed inside tough paper with bound edges. Core and papers bonded with starch and PVA edge glue. The boards require priming before decorating.     ..
    £6.45 Ex Tax: £5.38