Sealants & Adhesives

From silicone to decorators caulk, wood glue to contact adhesive we have a wide range of sealants and adhesives for any job.

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  • Jointing Compound
    Sealing material for metallic threaded joints in contact 1st 2ndand 3rd family gases  ..
    £2.20 Ex Tax: £1.83
  • Lead Sealant
    Suitable for use on all types of roof, flashing, soffits and guttering. ..
    £3.45 Ex Tax: £2.88
  • LS-X
    Jointing compound and external leak sealer ..
    £4.40 Ex Tax: £3.67
  • Medium Viscosity Superglue (20g)
    A medium viscosity super-glue. Fast setting at room temperature and is economical to use. Suitable for close fit substrates. ..
    £2.25 Ex Tax: £1.88
  • Mega Foam Handheld or Gun 500ml
    A high performance, polyurethane expanding foam available for use as an aerosol grade using patented adaptor or by simply fixing a gun applicator can be used as gun grade. Quick, economic and easy to apply for fitting doors, windows and insulating pipes and filling gaps. Improves draught and heat insulation. Fitted with new, unique valve which allows for multi-directional use.   •Can be used at any angle through 360° •High yield up to 3..
    £7.40 Ex Tax: £6.17
  • Mitre Bonding Kit Superglue & Activator System Rapid Strong Joint Adhesive Bond
    Bond uPVC, plastics and more in seconds! A high strength two part bonding system comprising a cyanoacrylate high viscosity adhesive with an aerosol activator to ensure full and rapid curing. Can be used for bonding MDF, wood, rubber and most plastics. Super Glue This is a fast-acting, water-resistant cyanoacrylate-based adhesive, sometimes referred to as an 'instant glue'. This Super Glue is quick to set, often in under a minute, which c..
    £5.50 Ex Tax: £4.58
  • Mould Release Oil
    A chemical release agent for mould and shutter surfaces prior to casting concrete, giving a clean release. After removal of formwork the concrete will have a smooth, uniform, hard finish with reduced incidence of blow holes. ..
    £13.10 Ex Tax: £10.92
  • Multi Purpose Silicone - White
    Flexible Waterproof Mould Resistant Fast Curing General construction, mansonry, woodworking, roofing, flooring,baths, showers and sinks. Kitchen fititngs.  ..
    £1.80 Ex Tax: £1.50
  • Mutli Purpose Silicone - Brown
    Flexible Waterproof mould resistant Fast Curing General construction, masonary, woodworking, roofing, flooring, baths, showers and sinks. Kitchen fittings. Ceramic tiles, plumbing. ..
    £1.80 Ex Tax: £1.50