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Weep vents , air bricks and roll panel ventilators.

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  • Airbrick ventilator terracotta
    Single brick ventilator with vertical interlock facility. These airbricks can be interlocked together for double and triple applications. ..
    £0.85 Ex Tax: £0.71
  • EPS - Eaves Protection System
    Ideally suited for eaves refurbishment, but can also be used on new build. This rigid PVC unit provides an immediate and cost effective solution to situations where damage to the roof underlay or felt has occurred. ..
    £2.25 Ex Tax: £1.88
  • External Grill (terrecotta)
    External Grill tobe fit on an external wall. ..
    £2.60 Ex Tax: £2.17
  • Over Fascia Vent
    For refurbishment and new build details to suit openings for 10mm regulation requirements. ..
    £1.20 Ex Tax: £1.00
  • Roll panel ventilator 6mtr
    Universal roll panel ventilator with variable rafter centre capability - 6 metre lengths. Conforms to 10mm and 25mm openings for airflow requirements. ..
    £6.00 Ex Tax: £5.00
  • Weep vent terracotta
    For use in conjunction with cavity trays and lintels. Provides for cavity ventilation and moisture escape. Suitable for traditional and timber frame build. ..
    £0.45 Ex Tax: £0.38