Delivery Information and options available for you

We aim to guarantee a Next Day delivery service. Our delivery hours are between 730am and 5 pm Monday to Saturday but may expand due to high demand. Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a delivery time due to the number of deliveries we carry out each and every day. What we are able to do is give you a call once your delivery is being loaded onto our Truck/Van this will give you between 30 mins and 2 hours notice to be ready for us. 

Important Notice: All deliveries are kerb side only. This is one of the conditions of our insurance company. Our crane has a maximum reach and we will do our very best to place your new materials exactly where you require. If we feel as it is unsafe to do so will leave them where we feel is the next best and safe area. This is down to the driver's discretion. We take no responsibility for any damage to your property or surrounding area, Whilst we deliver your goods. 

Local Delivery 0 to 1.5 Miles

This option is for the locals you only live just up the road! Less than 1.5miles away, you will pay Just £5.00 delivery to cover the cost of the truck/van and driver. 

Other Deliveries

These are based on the quantity of goods and the distance to your project. They will fall into the category of £10, £15 or £25. 

Rapid Delivery

Your a bag of cement short, A tonne of Sand & Gravel or need some more 4x2 to finish that studding wall. We will do everything possible to get this to you as quickly as possible. price is dependant on a number of goods required so please call the office for information.

All our delivery charges are based on the cost of running the vehicles and we make no profit out of the delivery charges.